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How can I tell if I have a leak?

Here are some signs that you may have a leak.

Low Water Pressure

Musty Smell of Mold & Mildew

Cracks in Your Foundation

Wet Spots

Increase in Water Bill

A small leak will only get bigger and more expensive to fix.  If you suspect that you have a leak, reach out to us and let’s nip it in the bud!

How much does a plumbing service cost in the Mt. Pleasant area?

The cost of a plumbing job can vary widely depending on the type of problem you are having, the time involved and the replacement parts.

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Is it better to have a tankless water heater?

Deciding on whether to use a tankless water heater depends on your family and type of water usage.  There is also the cost of the unit to consider.  While in the long run, a tankless water heater can save you money, the upfront cost of the unit and installation can be higher than a conventional tank. 

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What can I put in my disposal?

A good rule of thumb is if it is edible, you can put it in your disposal.  However, here are a few surprising things that might ‘choke-up’ your disposal. This is not a complete list and the best idea is to check your owner’s manual.

Large amount of pasta.

Coffee grounds.

Large amount of oatmeal.


Peanuts and peanut butter.

Egg shells.

Are you having a problem with your garbage disposal?  Best Plumbing can get it running again or install a replacement.

I have a question that isn't listed here. How can I get more information?


Just give us a call at 903-285-7619!  We’ll be glad to help.

Got a Clogged Pipe?

You want water flowing freely going into your home and the wastewater flowing out.  However, there will be times when you need your pipes cleared!

We can unclog your pipes in a hurry!  Whether you have septic problems or grey water drainage issues, Best Plumbing can take care of any plumbing job!